Property of Systems Energy Audit Company, Inc. A Small Business Disabled Veteran Enterprise
* Frontline troubleshooting – quickly diagnose problems to get your operation back online
* Predictive maintenance – detect and prevent power quality issues before they cause downtime
* Quality of service compliance – validate incoming power quality at the service entrance
* Long-term analysis – uncover hard-to-find or intermittent issues
* Load studies – verify electrical system capacity before adding loads
* Energy assessments – quantify energy consumption before and after improvements to justify energy saving devices

Power quality problems are becoming increasingly important for proper operation of electronically operated equipment like vfd's and vsd's, Data Centers, UPS's, switchboard and generator controls. Also grounding issues and neutral issues such as triplen harmonics (180 hertz) and negative sequence harmonics (300 hertz) can cause overheating of motors and shortened life. We can troubleshoot these types of problems and many others like phase imbalances, inrush current, power consumption and quantify monies spend. Recommend repairs or equipment needed to mitigate the anomalies found. We do not sell anything except our services and sound solutions to your problems.